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2019 has been a year of hurdles for this mama’s health journey. Between a knee issue and trying to find the “just right” way to eat, it’s been interesting to say the least. But the steady thing in my eating choices is my quest to keep sugars at a minimum and consume food products that are tasty and beneficial to my health.

The ZYN Goodness

For the past few weeks, Greg and I have been trying out ZYN, a low-sugar beverage with all-natural ingredients. ZYN, meaning life, is a holistic wellness option that is good for the whole family. There are only 2 grams of sugar and the added benefit of 200+ mg of curcumin (which is a natural compound derived from turmeric). These beverages come in four flavors – Mixed Berry, Lemon Ginger, Mango Lychee, and Pomegranate Cranberry.

Drinking ZYN has become part of my half-marathon training regimen for two reasons:

  • Curcumin has the potential to benefit our bodies with inflammation support, gut health, and muscle recovery. All three are things that I need while training!
  • It’s a sweet bonus that ZYN believes in the “root of what matters” – that nature has plenty to provide us without filling drinks with preservatives or artificial sweeteners. I can feel good knowing that I’m consuming something all-natural that is backed by science.

Benefits of Curcumin

Here’s where I must rely on the experts to tell you a bit more about what makes the Curcumin in ZYN a big deal. These findings are backed by over 28,000 scholarly and scientific articles and over 160 clinical studies on Curcumin.

According to research, the bio-active source of Turmeric’s healing power is CURCUMIN.  However, the typical CURCUMIN content is 2% to 5% of the Turmeric root.  In addition, the body does not readily absorb CURCUMIN.  ZYN is crafted with one of the highest CURCUMIN contents (200 mg) in the market.

The refreshing beverage also optimizes absorption by combining CURCUMIN with Piperine (black pepper fruit extract).  Research shows that Piperine may increase bioavailability of CURCUMIN by 2000%.  And ZYN includes only 2 grams of sugar and 10 calories per serving!

Source: ZYN

I’ve already mentioned a few benefits above, but there are even more ways that Curcumin can help the body such as Alzheimer’s, Psoriasis, and Glaucoma (all diseases that have impacted my family personally).

Find out more about the benefits of Curcumin here.

Ready to Try ZYN?

If the benefits listed above haven’t got you ready to give ZYN a try, let me tell you what I personally love about it.


As I’ve mentioned maybe way too many times, I’ve got a knee giving me issues. When I drank ZYN, I could notice a change in the amount of inflammation I was suffering from. Granted, Greg and I split a dozen bottles, but even just drinking my share of the case made me feel better. It also helped calm my gut when I’d realized I had too much dairy in my day. The flavors are delicious, and the taste is light. Because they are all-natural, you skip that sugary taste of other “fruity” drinks and just get to enjoy the benefits. Personally, I loved all the flavors, but Mango Lychee took the top spot in my book.

If you’d like to commit to making healthier drink choices for you and your family or to add ZYN to your fitness regimen, check out their store locator or purchase ZYN online or add to your next Amazon Prime cart.

You can follow ZYN on Instagram or like them on Facebook. They are the PRODUCT OF THE YEAR winner in the Healthy Beverage Category and a BCorp (good for the world brand). More details on their company can be found here: https://drinkzyn.com/about/

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  1. Inflammation is actually a frequent topic of conversation in my house LOL! This sounds like an easy and delicious way to fight against it. Thanks for sharing!

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