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This past weekend, while stuffing a grilled asiago chicken sandwich in my face, I embarked on a life-changing decision. Yup. here she goes again. It is yet another weight-loss journey for this (self-proclaimed) #fitmomintheremaking. And this time, I’m going back to basics with the help of a community. I’ve joined ww (formerly known as Weight Watchers). Hi. I’m Becky. I’m Blue.

It’s still true, though.

Harsh Reality

The truth is, I have issues with gluten and a to-the-core addiction to food. Over the years it has become evident that I need to change that. And it hasn’t been for the lack of trying.

In 2011, I started my first weight-loss journey and lost 130 pounds. I had a nutritionist at my side every step of that 3 year journey and was encouraged to start running. I logged my first half marathon while on that journey and have not fallen out of love with running (have you seen my list of races coming up?).

At my lowest weight since probably 8th grade, I got pregnant with twins. I gained back 70-ish pounds with them and returned to a stressful job. It took leaving that job and getting back on track with my running + shaking up my eating habits to lose about 50 of that. Truth: I was doing Keto and LOVED how the pounds shed.

Then a new door was forced open and I started a new job working remotely. I do not blame my work environment, I blame my personal lack of motivation to keep moving combined with a really tough 2019 with what comes next.

The harsh reality hit this morning when I stepped on my scale to weigh in for day one. I’ve gained 67 pounds since October 2018 and it hurts physically and mentally.

WW Blue – I’ve joined!

Encouraged by my best friend to make this change, I joined WW (formerly weight watchers) this morning while sitting in my bed, tears flowing after seeing the number on the scale. I entered all my details, including lofty answers to questions about how I eat.

The results came back that I should be “green” – meaning I got more points in my day but had to make more choices (less 0 point foods) for myself. Knowing people on blue, I decided that I’m blue, too.

As a blue, I get 31 points a day (if you join ww, your points will differ based on your starting weight, activity, and goals). That means I need to scan in or search for my foods and plan my day based on the ww blue rules.

The first few days I’m expecting will be bumpy, but I think that’s normal on this plan. I got out my kitchen food scale, measuring cups and spoons, and went to work making good choices today. It was NOT easy, especially since our cupboards and fridge are still full of Keto-friendly foods.

Why Not Keto?

I was TOTALLY stalled. I found myself going for sugar-free foods that were probably spiking my sugar anyways. I was living on pepperoni and cheese and pickles plus an occasional whipped cream. I was eating Keto Ice Cream EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I did NOT feel good.

About a week ago, I got a little loose on my foods and had spaghetti and pizza – both of which are no-no’s unless they are gluten free. But I did NOT care. I wanted to feel sick, I wanted to remember that unhealthy relationship I had with food and I wanted to change it.

The funny thing is, although today was the first time I’ve weighed myself since my last doctor visit in July 2019, I SWEAR I lost weight eating like CRAP versus eating Keto. And that + knowing I’d have accountability from a friend was plenty to push me into my first month of WW.

Breaking up with so much in this fridge today!

All that cheese. So sad. Good thing that G. Hughes sugar-free ketchup is 0 points on ww blue, though!

Interested in Connecting?

If you are interested in connecting with me (you existing ww rock stars), you can find me on connect as mrsgregwillis. If you would like to take the plunge with me, consider joining (and get a month free from me) and let me know you’re in this thing, too. It’s been a long time coming and I’m excited to officially give this program a try!

Reminder for me, too!

If you’re just interested in connecting with me but not interested in joining ww, follow me on Instagram – I’ll keep posting lifestyle posts over on @mrsgregwillis like you’ve seen in the past (but include some more ww-friendly “food” content) and/or @mrsgregwillis_ww where I will be starting to post my food inspirations and progress. Here on the blog, things will stay the same – faith, food, fitness, family, and fun – but with a ww twist every now and then!

Thank you for following along and for supporting my journey!

What are your personal goals in 2020? Are you on a weight loss or fitness journey? Reading through the Bible? Just trying to survive? Share below so I can cheer you on, too! xoxo

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