Training Tuesday: Pittsburgh Marathon Half Week 5

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If my radio silence wasn’t enough to tell you, training has been tougher than tough the past few weeks. But my brain finally came to a place on Sunday that has me feeling better about all of this.

First of all, I have to say thank you to all of you who believe in me. Thank you for all of the encouragement and prayers. Thank you for not doubting in me even when I do. Thank you.

And thank you to all of you reading this who might just have stopped by to read a post or two. Thank you to all of you who have signed up for the DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon and used my discount code – you’ve impressed me! Thank you to all of you.

Two weeks ago, I questioned, “what’s next in my half marathon journey?” and I think I finally have an answer.

Let’s Do This

As of right now, I am doing this Half Marathon. I won’t be chasing a PR. I will most likely be logging my slowest half, but I am doing this thing. I’m going to be finding a pace that works for me to run/walk and I’m going to be encouraging every single person around me to finish. This shifts the focus from me to we and I’m super pumped.

So the ‘official’ plan, just under seven weeks out is:

  • Walk the 5k on Saturday
  • Run the 1-mile with Ava and Isla on Saturday
  • On Sunday, toe the line in Corral C with the Relay runners, aiming to run the first leg of the relay (with my work team).
  • Continue on the half marathon course, slowing to a run/walk with a goal to just finish.

I looked at the Galloway plan, but I’m so behind in training that it seems impossible to pick up at this point. I’ll find my groove in the next three weekends doing my long run/walks. 

I’m Nervous

Oh, so nervous. I typically don’t quit something but my health is pretty important. And if I want to run ever again (which I do!), I need that knee to heal up. But my nerves are at taper week levels of high. Got to combat that with some prayers!

Yup, I’m still living on RockTape, Deep Blue Rub (available on my doTERRA site), and Glucosamine Chondroitin for these joints. I’ll be giving some new shoes a try soon, too. Thank God for my chiropractors. 

But beyond nervous about the time left between training and race day, I’m nervous about my weight. Getting 10,500 steps a day has been tough. I hit it 4 times last week. I also stopped the keto and have switched basically back to Whole 30 clean eating style. I’ll do this for the next three weeks until my birthday and see where things stack up. I’m one day in, guys.

Training Update

Thursday 3/7: 2.39 miles W/R, 13:23/mile – This was my first run of March and I felt on top of the world. This was a 3-minute walk, 1-minute run for 32 minutes. I felt it the next day but in the moment it felt incredible.

Friday 3/8: Arthritis Wet & Sweat at the YMCA

Saturday 3/9: 1.25 miles W/R, 14:28/mile – With a backpack on. I was meeting my friends from Rent the Chicken at the Home Show (they had a familiar face – Arianna – helping them at their booth) and I took the time to enjoy the distance between the gold lots and the convention center. I forgot to pause the run when I slowed to snap photos of the locks on the Clemente Bridge or when I took a selfie of me being a Gritty Pittsburgher running through the mud along 10th Street Bypass. Even this “slowed” pace made me happy to be “back at it”.

Monday 3/11: 2.43 miles W/R, 14:12/mile – I tried to replicate the run from Thursday before but the trail was muddy and my legs were sore. The point? I did it.

Friday 3/15: 2.0 miles, 12:50/mile – I straight up ran these two miles and felt amazing. I felt like I had the form of my 2018 half marathons and that nothing was going to stop me. I was certain I was going to turn this ship around and get to actually run the half…and then I got home and tried to go up a step. Good thing I had a chiropractor appointment that afternoon because I was in pain!

Sunday 3/17: 3 miles speed walk, 15:26/mile – Evan joined me for a speed walk. That little boy is fast but he hit a wall at about 1.5 miles…right where we turned around. It was good to have a walking buddy – ok, he even encouraged me to take a few jogs “to the next bench” before we’d walk again. We were able to pull off negative splits and our last mile was 14:29!

Monday 3/18: 2 miles W/R, 14:18/mile – That three miles was harder on me than I realized. My shins were aching and I felt like I was dragging my right leg along the whole thing. This was a five-minute walk then 2-minute run four times.

All in all, I think this is pretty good. I am at my “worst” physically and yet 18 days in have logged more miles than in January or February and I’ve finally said goodbye to the dairy and pizza for a while. I’m prepared to be a cheerleader for others who are on this journey with me.

If you are struggling with your training and know that you’ll be pulling off a “just let me finish”, I’m here for you. I’m proud of you. I’m ready to do this thing with you. Because in the end, even us “back of the packers” are just as good as the first people to cross that finish line. I see you. I love you. Now let’s #MOVEPittsburgh!

How are the miles stacking up?

January 2019: 6 runs, 11.57 miles, 12’19″/mile

February 2019: 7 runs, 12.67 miles, 12’38″/mile

March 2019: 6 runs, 13.11 miles, 14’09″/mile

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