Training Tuesday: Pittsburgh Half Week 3

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Alright, time to admit it. I am mad. Boldly mad. For the past seven years, I have known running as my outlet. It was the way I lost 130 pounds once and 60 pounds after having the twins. It was my community. It was the third best thing in my life (after God and my family).

But as much as it pains me, my relationship with running has changed drastically in the past six weeks since I injured myself on a treadmill. If you haven’t heard, all I did was run a few miles on a hotel treadmill then felt pain about 8 hours later when I went to bed. Meh. But it isn’t getting any better and to make things worse, getting an MRI to see what damage I’ve done has not gone so well.

So, what’s next in my half marathon journey?

My plan is to keep training as best as I can – I am able to walk at less than a 14-minute mile pace and would love to be able to run a few miles and then finish out with a walk to cross the finish line on May 5. The best case scenario is the weather breaks, I hit the trail, and everything works out. The worst-case scenario is I fully tear whatever is causing this pain and burning (and random cold spots on my shin) and then I get the surgery that I probably need. Praying for God’s will in whatever is to happen between now and race day – but know that no matter what, the DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon weekend of events will have me be part of it!

This sign was PERFECT to see on a run/walk I did last week!

How has “training” gone?

I’ve agreed to no CrossFit and no treadmill, so it’s been light lifting for the arms and some time on the bike for cardio. Unfortunately in the days since I made this plan it has been so cold and snowy that I decided the trail wasn’t safe enough to attempt. Ugh.

Can one train in two months? It will probably be possible if I can get my butt up and moving each hour so I’m sure I hit 10,500 steps a day (I’ve been bad about this). On Saturday, I took the girls to the Kids of Steel Training Kickoff (make sure you’re reading the ‘lil Burghers blog to hear how that went!) and then we went to the Home and Garden Show. That day I got in just shy of 14,000 steps and felt amazing. I know I can do it, it’s a matter of putting myself out there and getting stronger day by day to toe the line on May 5.

For now, I’m living on RockTape, Deep Blue Rub (available on my doTERRA site), and going to start taking Glucosamine Chondroitin with tomorrow’s breakfast. I’m sort of feeling that April birthday coming up! I also need a pedicure, now’s the time before I start to get some calluses built up! Go ahead and laugh at my toes, I did! 😉

How are the miles stacking up?

January 2019: 6 runs, 11.57 miles, 12’19″/mile

February 2019: 7 runs, 12.67 miles, 12’38″/mile

March 2019: 0 runs, 0 miles

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