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This morning we were afforded an unplanned day date that involved coffee, shopping small, and picking up pizza for lunch. This morning, that day date also included getting caught in the rain…just like we did on a Saturday eleven years ago.

We were young and although we hadn’t been dating long, we just knew we were meant to be together. Within six months of dating + two whirlwind moves to Pennsylvania, this single mama found herself marrying her knight in shining armor.

For nearly ten years, we loved so much. We laughed a lot. We welcomed three more babies, two houses, a few cars, a few brand new careers, and a timeshare into our lives.

It was like we were on a mountaintop.

…and then it was 2019.

2019 was the hardest year of our lives for many, many reasons. We were tested in so many ways – our faith, our marriage, my health.

It was very much Psalm 38 “in the pit” life. The mountain of things we had to climb through TOGETHER was steep and rough.

2019 was the hardest climb.

…and then it was 2020.

This morning while shopping a local boutique, I found a canvas that just spoke to me with such forcce. I knew it had to come home and find a place in our bedroom.

…because on this day, July 11, 2020, we celebrate eleven years of being married. And while I never want to climb that mountain again, I’m so glad we put God in the middle and climbed it together, Greg. Because it is so true.

The best views can only be seen after the hardest climb.

Happy 11th anniversary, Greg. I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always. xoxo

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