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When I started this blog, I was obligating myself to one more thing in a growing pile of obligations.

As you can tell, this space hasn’t yet made itself a big priority in my life, but it is something that I feel is worthy of my time and energy. There are many things floating around in my mind, but the obligations of daily life have been a bit pressing so far this year. And the thing is, I’m right where I need to be with all of them.

Like right this moment, as I am typing, I have a pile of things I should check off my to-do list, but I feel the need to spend some time here on my blog and talk to either myself or the world. I want to share so many things with you all, I just want to be sure none of my other obligations are suffering, first.

In the last week, I’ve really been narrowing my focus in life, trying to get myself to a place where I am more organized and committed, paying attention to one thing at a time. My physical being has led to this naturally. I suffered a minor injury in December and am now on a healing track. That healing track requires that I take some “me time” and get adjusted at the chiropractor three times a week this month, twice a week the next, and once a week the next. I’ve also had to put (the intense) CrossFit on the back burner. But I’m still here and I’m still doing, I just am doing things a little slower.

What obligations do you find yourself re-prioritizing in 2018? Here’s one of mine – making sure this kiddo and her three siblings smile lots.

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