Marathon Monday: Week 1 of 16

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Ah! My favorite time of year is here – training season for the Pittsburgh Marathon weekend! My event is the Half Marathon and this will be my third time running it. I plan to bring you my training story over the next 16 weeks through this Marathon Monday series.

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Marathon Monday: Week 1 of 16

Monday 1/15: 2 miles (12’36”) – This was a cold one, 7 degrees! I ran through the Strip District on my lunch hour and basically just tried to stay warm.

Tuesday 1/16: Ab Workout – I can’t believe how much my ab workout flexed my back. Ouch.

Wednesday 1/17: 2 miles (12’56”) – Slowed this one WAY down due to the snow we got. Another Strip District run to the 16th Street Bridge.

Thursday 1/18: Crossfit (scaled¬†way¬†back) – I’m missing my fitfam, so I went to the WOD but really scaled it. No weights, just a thick PVC pipe and some light movements / 6 200m runs. (I am under chiropractor care for issues with three of my vertebrae.)

Saturday 1/20: 2 miles (13’25”) – Eek. Snow wasn’t melted, but it was almost 50! I spent much of this run through Kittanning dodging ice.

Are you participating in 10 Years Running? What event(s) are you doing?

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