An Interesting Keto Side Effect

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Since September, I’ve been eating the Keto way. It’s been really helpful in that I’m shedding the pounds and am oh-so-close to pre-twin weight. Yesterday shed some light on a pretty interesting Keto side effect – best to warn anyone else eating this way that the same could happen to you if you’re not careful!

The Keto Lifestyle

Before I share my secret, if you’re not familiar, the Keto way of eating is high protein, higher fat, and low carb. It puts your body into ketosis where it burns fat as fuel. I’m not a medical professional, so any medical info you see here on this blog should be fact-checked with your own doctor before you take my word to heart! If you’d like to get more info, check out this book for more details.

An Interesting Keto Side Effect

So I get home from work and as Greg is headed out the door he tells me we have a problem. He guides me to the kitchen where I immediately see two sinks full of dishes. Before I can think of an apology for making all the foods as of late and not getting to the dishes, he tells me the dishes aren’t the issue. It’s the water backed up into our double sink that’s the issue. Yuck.

Of course, I didn’t listen when he told me to leave it alone while he went to work. I got under the sink and tried a few things with no luck. This morning, he texted me to tell me the good news. He sorted the issue. It was the interesting Keto side effect. And it’s disgusting.


This (that white stuff) is grease that was stuck in our sink pipes. Disgusting, right? But yet at the same time cool – I mean look at that pipe mold! For real though, this is a side effect of changing your eating habits that you should know about – and a good reminder to never drain grease down your sink.

Lesson learned. Oops.

Tell me that we’re not the only ones who’ve done silly things that could have cost them a lot of money! What is something you’ve done that was a lesson learned? 

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