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It is officially cozy tee season! We’ve hit the time of year in Pittsburgh when the weather is not at all predictable. A tank top is too cold, but the hoodies can go away until campfire evenings. Perfect weather for comfortable t-shirts for the entire family.

As much as I have an obsession for “statement shirts”, my husband has an obsession with plain tees. He’s a slim build with a long torso, so sometimes he finds that he has to size up in those solid color t-shirts that come in big box stores. I’m always on the lookout for clothes that would fit his style and make him feel like being a medium isn’t the “in betweener” that those typical shirts make him look. (And keeping people from thinking we don’t know how to do laundry without shrinking, ahem.)

The Perk Clothing Cozy Tee

Greg has given Perk Clothing a try for his latest t-shirt – the Cozy Tee. This tee is made from 100% Pima Cotton. This gives guys the buttery soft feel that we ladies know they’re secretively jealous of when it comes to our leggings.

Giving Perk Clothing’s Cozy Tee in Ranger Green a try

The tee comes soft right out of the package with no need to wash immediately – I’m jealous – and gets softer with time. An added bonus that most guys probably wouldn’t notice but that I did right away was the curved hem that gives the classic t-shirt a less casual look.

A close-up of the curved hem

That shape makes them ready for anything – for Greg that means grocery delivery, church, playing sports with the kids, or hanging out watching a movie. Oh – and did I mention that there is not a tag? Perk calls this the “all-day naked feeling without the naked part”, hey hey!

(Once you pick up some of these t-shirts, be sure to wash on cold and air dry so they don’t lose all those great features!)

Of course, something this cozy does come at a price. These tees start at $38 each. Perk has some bundle options available and of course I’ve got a code to share that will get you 10% off when you use code PerkUp10 and checkout here. We get it, spending that much on a tee is a bit steep, but trust me when I say the softness alone is worth it.

Beyond tees, Perk Clothing also carries chino pants that “make your butt shine” – I’m hoping we get a chance to try those out for the fall but for now we’re living in cozy shirts and shorts for the next few months. What is your go to late spring/summer attire for comfort?

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