Friday Favorites: March 22

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Friday Favorites: March 22

Balega Socks – Now that I am finally back into my running groove, I’m realizing how much wear and tear I’ve put on my favorite Balega running socks since getting my first pair last year. I have a love for these socks not just because they have South African roots (like my previous company) but they are so soft and make my feet feel amazing when I run. I’d show you my pairs but you have to trust me – they are dirty and worn and time to be replaced!

Whole30 Snacks– I’m back at my Whole30 journey, stripping my addiction to dairy out before I cycle back to Keto again. This means that I get to start bringing back some of my favorites like coconut Larabars and almond butter (not together, of course). Check out my mistakes from my first round if you’re considering this lifestyle.

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – For the past three months, I’ve had the pleasure of learning about John C. Maxwell’s Laws of Leadership at my local church. We have four more laws to cover next week, but I’ve already connected with the 17 we’ve gone through so far. The concepts are simple, yet powerful. Haven’t read this book yet? Grab your own copy on Amazon here.

Norwex– One of my friends had an in-home Norwex party this week and while I wasn’t able to attend, I shopped online (you can still shop her party here today if you’d like to help her meet her goals!). I’d bought a few things in the past – an optic rag and a kid’s dusting mitt (which Evan LOVES), but still haven’t been to a party. But my pal was amazed by the window cloth and because we’re going to be getting new windows soon (YUP!), I decided I needed to try it out myself. Motivated, I snuck Evan’s dusting mitt and cleaned up my printer yesterday. I think I’ll be hooked!

A Personal Shout-Out – On a professional level, I achieved something pretty awesome this week and it has to make one of my favorites for the week! On Wednesday, I earned my Salesforce Advanced Administrator certification and was over the moon. It propelled me to get a 2.2-mile RUN/walk in and had me smiling super cheesy. Give me a moment to shine?! 😉

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