A Fresh Start

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Hello, 2018! My hope and prayer for this year is that I will be able to have a fresh start with my writing and perhaps narrow down the site where you originally know (and hopefully LOVE) me from.


A Fresh Start

I’ve been thinking for awhile that it was time to move my first successful blog, lil Burghers, to be more niche and focused on all things kiddo / Pittsburgh related. There is going to be some transition time as I work to establish myself here on this page, so I ask that you stick with me on both to help as I learn and grow.

This fresh start will allow me to bring you more of ME. You’ll still hear about the kids and Greg from time to time, but this is really going to become my outlet. There are so many things I want to get out of this blog – mostly I want people to know that they can be a busy mom and not just survive but thrive. This will be a place I can unashamedly share my stories of fitness and faith and maybe even some food. Family and fun will still have their time here, don’t you worry. But this place will be more me and it’s what I need to roll with as we start this year. A fresh start!

About Me

So maybe you’ve stumbled on this site by accident or don’t really know me that well. Let’s start off this blog with a short intro. I’m a Pittsburgh suburb mom of four (including a set of twin tornadoes) who works full-time as a Salesforce Administrator during the day then becomes a Stay-At-Home mom when my husband heads out the door to work in the evenings. We’re slashing our debt the Dave Ramsey way, with gazelle intensity. You’ll notice me talking about “life in the 40%” every so often – that’s because I’m the primary breadwinner (though this is changing up a bit recently), making us in the 40% of US homes where the woman is the breadwinner.

In the evenings, between wrangling getting the four kids to and from activities and keeping the craziness to a minimum, I find time for myself with CrossFit, blogging, and running three small businesses (all of which are linked in the menu!). I can’t forget my running – I’m a distance runner who has only been running for the last five years but has done two Half Marathons, a double leg of the Marathon Relay, two 10-Milers, two Mud on the Mountains, and several other 5k races. I’d love to be an inspiration for those of you “back of packers” – you totally got this! And finally, I keep tabs on my eating, too. In 2011, I was nearly 300 pounds and was able to lose 131 of that before getting pregnant with the twins. I’m almost back there thanks to Whole30, Ketosis, and CrossFit/Running.

I was raised a Preacher’s Kid in the United Methodist Church and still am active in church (although now I’m active with the Assembly of God). You’re going to hear about my faith journey (there’s a lot of hills and valleys that brought me here) and hopefully, we’ll get a chance to do some Bible Journaling together, too.

It feels so great to kick the year off with a fresh start, doesn’t it? Check out tomorrow’s post to see what my intentions for 2018 (my word of the year) will be, then keep coming back to hear more about how I keep busy while thriving.



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