5 COVID-19 Back to School Hacks for Parents and Kids

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March 2020 feels like forever ago, but that was the last time my four kiddos stepped foot inside a school. In just a few days, they’ll be back to their school buildings – three of them in new to them buildings. Our district allowed the option of in school or cyber and we are giving in school a try. Check out these COVID-19 back to school hacks we will be using in our house this fall.

Note – these “hacks” are my personal advice and ways that we are going to be getting ready in our home. Feel free to comment with any that you would add!

COVID-19 Back to School Hacks

This September as schools open virtually and in person, there is one main thing in common. Back to school isn't what any of us pictured it would be for 2020. I put together a few hacks we will be using in our home as we prepare for boarding the school bus every day.

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