Cleaning the Grime

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Did you ever get to a point where you just want everything to be clean but it never seems to be enough? That’s where I am at. Maybe it’s because of catching COVID back in April. Maybe it is being a mom of four and there always being something to clean. Whateve it is, I am so sick of the grime. The worst place for me? The garbage disposal. I always leave it for last and that’s a mistake!

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Getting Rid of Garbage Disposal Grime

As you may have seen over on ‘lil Burghers over the past few months, I’ve been partnering with some companies to help get rid of the grime here in 2021. I’ve also been trying to simplify the ways we are doing this. Getting The Bigs (my oldest two kids) in a chore routine. Asking for outside help. Turning to TikTok for the #cleantok ideas that abound.

It seems like this house has always had some odd plumbing struggles which add to the grime. Like the time I put too much grease down our sink. But the garbage disposal has always been a source of UGH for me, even though it was brand new when we bought the house. Maybe it is because we had issues with drain flies or maybe because egg shells, fruit peels, and meat crumbs really don’t smell all that amazing down the disposal?!?!?

I’ve tried a few products to try to combat that stink that comes up through the garbage disposal, but nothing really seemed to stick. Baking powder, tossing lemons/oranges down while running it, so many different things. ARM & HAMMER™ suggested giving their method of deodorizing and cleaning the garbage disposal a try.

Arm & Hammer Garbage Disposal Cleaner

Their solution is a pack of 12 capsules meant to be used twice a week (get this on Subscribe & Save every other month and you’ll be set for the year). At under $5 a pack, I figure this is worth a shot for less than a dollar a week. It is super easy to use and the whole process is done within two minutes (yes for us busy parents).

To start, you run the disposal and hot water for one minute then turn off the disposal, changing the water to a slow stream. The last step is tossing a capsule into the disposal and turning the disposal back on for 15 seconds. Instantly, you’ll smell the fresh citrus scent.


Gave these disposal cleaners a try. Nice scent. More details over on the blog.

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My Take

The kicker for me was that while it made the garbage disposal smell a whole lot better, it only seemed to last for a day. I was anxious to get to the next time to clean it.

Maybe it’s just me though. The reviews are a pretty positive 4.7 stars and 97% of people would recommend it to a friend. For me, I give it 4 stars. While I do recommend you give this cleaning method a try, know that the little capsules (smaller than a marble) are not going to be giving you a BOOM BOOM hint of freshness for days. Maybe my expectations are high? (Have you seen our latest refresh of the microwave stand?)

Did I keep using the capsules? Yes. Will I continue to be on the search? Yes. Tell me – what have you found helps in cleaning the garbage disposal?

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