inspired home: Recharge!

Home is where the heart is -isn’t it? For the next four weeks, I’m going to be highlighting some of my favorite products from Thirty-One Gifts that are perfect for your home. This series will be “inspired home” and give you ideas to organize your spaces and refresh your style! Today’s products: The Glamour Case!

Relax and Recharge

Things are starting to open back up and I’m guessing you’re ready to head out for a little bit of time to relax and recharge. No matter where your travels might take you – near or far – I hope that you get the time to do JUST THAT soon.

Thirty-One believes that everyone needs time to relax and recharge. I’d love to help you reset your perspective and get ready for adventures ahead with cozy home styles and fresh on-the-go solutions.

How about a solution set that you can pair with our Glamour Case with for your next adventure?

source: Thirty-One Gifts

Glamour Case

Sometimes my work has me on the road and I can attest that (while it took some convincing) you can take everything you need from a health and beauty perspective in this case.

Source: Thirty-One Gifts

I LOVE that it holds my makeup brushes up off everything and then covers them with a little flap. Also in the top we have a clear PVC pocket for things like toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss. In the base, you can put your travel bath products and makeup. L O V E this for my travels!

So, where would your Glamour Case go with you?


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inspired home: Refresh!

Home is where the heart is -isn’t it? For the next four weeks, I’m going to be highlighting some of my favorite products from Thirty-One Gifts that are perfect for your home. This series will be “inspired home” and give you ideas to organize your spaces and refresh your style! Today’s products: The Fresh Market Thermal and Keep It Cool Thermal Backpack.

Let’s Get Some Fresh Air

Has it hit you that next Monday is Memorial Day? This is a day that traditionally is spent outdoors enjoying picnic or party food with family and friends. This might look a little different this year, but here is to new traditions!

Thirty-One believes a little refresh (and a little fresh air) is good for the soul. Embrace the outdoors with stylish solutions for family outings and backyard bashes.

Let’s take a look at two of those options today.

Fresh Market Thermal

Our family usually packs up our Fresh Market Thermal with a meal or two then we hit the road for Clear Creek with our friends. As a family of six, this holds plenty of food for our adventures and keeps things hot or cold – depending on what we need.

source: Thirty One Gifts

What’s so great about it? Holds two 9×13 casserole dishes or a crock pot or six gallons of milk! So good. And bonus, if this is on your list it unlocks a Customer Special (50% off any item)!

Keep It Cool Thermal Backpack

I’ll admit, I was on the fence about this backpack. It is stylish but has the thermal lining – I think that’s what made me unsure. But that lining is leak lock which means you can put ice cubes in it and not worry about it leaking. After watching the quick video below about it, I could imagine carrying it with date night picnic supplies and enjoying some much needed alone time with the hubby.

source: Thirty One Gifts

Like the Fresh Market Thermal, the Keep it Cool Thermal Backpack can keep things hot or cold.


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And check out my other Inspired Home posts for more ideas!

inspired home: Restyle!

Home is where the heart is -isn’t it? For the next four weeks, I’m going to be highlighting some of my favorite products from Thirty-One Gifts that are perfect for your home. This series will be “inspired home” and give you ideas to organize your spaces and refresh your style! Today’s product: The Market Crossbody.

Restyle with the Market Crossbody

As many of us are planning our first outings after stay-at-home orders were put in place, I bet there are some of you who are very excited to break out some of your favorite bags, shoes, and outfits! Or maybe others are like me and instead of looking for those old favorite pieces, I’m excited to show off a few of the new things I’ve bought while “quarantine shopping”!

Thirty-One believes in the magic of a style refresh. That’s why you’ll see our catalogs change a few times a year, bringing in new products in addition to the ones you love plus refreshed prints and patterns to keep up with trends.

This spring/summer, Thirty-One has introduced the Market Crossbody: an everyday bag you can take anywhere!

Market Crossbody

This bag has an easy, casual design and detachable, webbed crossbody strap. With a roomy, slouchy interior, it is ideal for hitting the shops or market. Add personalization on the natural canvas to make it mean more.

Do you change your style every so often or prefer to stick with tried and true styles? Is a refresh of your style on the horizon?


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And check out my other Inspired Home posts for more ideas!

inspired home: REJOICE!

Home is where the heart is -isn’t it? For the next four weeks, I’m going to be highlighting some of my favorite products from Thirty-One Gifts that are perfect for your home. This series will be “inspired home” and give you ideas to organize your spaces and refresh your style! Today’s product? The Close to Home Mini Table Gallery!


There is always a reason to rejoice, isn’t there?

This Sunday, we’ll be celebrating the moms in our lives. Maybe you have a wedding or graduation to celebrate this year. Or maybe you’ve been spending your days of the stay at home order snapping photos of your kids or pets. Thirty-One has a sweet ‘lil gift idea for you that is joy-filled:

Close to Home Mini Table Gallery

Spoiler alert! One of my moms will be getting this adorable Close to Home Mini Table Gallery to display a photo of her grandkids and it not take up a bunch of space.

Personally, I have the larger version of this sweet ‘lil photo holder and I find myself taking photos thinking about ones I can print on the iron inserts and swap them into our gallery. Our gallery includes photos from trips to local parks and attractions, Hawaii, and our 2019 Kids Marathon photo.

What are you rejoicing about right now? Share it in the comments so I can celebrate you!


Like what you see here? Request access to my VIP Facebook Group to hear all the Thirty-One news first. Love it? Consider placing an order with me (May 2020 orders will support On Our Sleeves and AFSP Western PA). If you’d like to start your OWN Thirty-One business, check out this post to learn more.

2020 Word of the Year: Strength (May 1st Update)

Did you set a Word of the Year in 2020? It feels like AGES AGO that I set the word STRENGTH as my 2020 Word of the Year. In this update, I’ll share with you a few ways the year has taken strength to get to this point. Check out my original post about my word of the year, strength, here. (This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

2020 Word of the Year – Quick Recap


Friends, I’m literally shaking at my desk as I write this post. This year has taken so much mental strength for all of us. With the introduction of COVID-19, a virus that has ripped our world, we all find ourselves in the same storm and different boats, grasping for strength.

But even before this all began, what seems to be 509 weeks ago, I set myself some goals to be strong, regardless of what came my way. I was just finishing out the toughest year of my life and felt like 2020 HAD to be the year I’d rise up from ashes and see a victory.

Not all hope is lost, but things haven’t totally gone as planned, either.

2020 Strength Goals – May 1st Update

Here is what I hoped that having STRENGTH as a word of the year is going to look like for me:

  1. Be strong, happy + healthy.
  2. Stop comparing.
  3. Be comfortable financially.
  4. Get over my fears.
  5. Say NO more often.
  6. Love my body regardless of a number.
  7. Make my brain stronger.
  8. Be in the Word.

And now to break it down…

Be Strong, Happy + Healthy

It takes a lot to solo run a virtual half marathon, but I can say I at the least I accomplished that. I don’t know how healthy I feel, I’ve still been making some bad food choices. For most of January I was good and stayed Keto, did some Intermittent Fasting even.

When I make poor food choices, I’m not happy. Carbs and I don’t really get along – they please for a moment then I crash into a bad mood. The last few days I set out to drink all my water (and set a goal to make some extra cash to buy myself this waterbottle that glows when it is time to drink up) and move more. Do you ever find that even small adjustments to the “routine” make you feel so much better?

How about that HAPPY part though? Mentally, I’ve been through a lot adjacent to me this year. Trying to remove the personal from the bigger things I’ve been part of is tough, but I am hanging in there.

Stop Comparing

This has been a struggle. At first I started to be proactive about this by having a pop-up show me when I’d been on Facebook for 30 minutes. Today I deleted the app from my phone. It is just so easy to compare, especially when you have time to sit and stir.

But I’ve been reading “You Are the Girl For the Job” by Jess Connolly and she’s been dropping some truth bombs about tribes and squads. Things I needed to hear. A challenge, even:

Will we choose people who provide safety and worldly comfort OR will we find the people who help us see the kingdom of Heaven come to earth?

Jess Connolly, “You Are The Girl For the Job” study

Deep, right? And I’m listening.

Be Comfortable Financially

This one is tough for me to share, but God has not only taken care of our needs in this stressful time but He has blessed us, too. Greg and I both deliver groceries for Instacart when we’re not working our regular jobs. We’ve been able to knock two credit card debts out and get some home repairs done. We are thankful.

Get Over My Fears

I’m working on this. Some of the things that happened in 2019 still keep me up at night, but way less than they had been. Again, I am thankful.

Say NO More Often

Well, this was sort of forced with quarantine, but now that my evenings are “my own” for the most part, I do find some freedom in saying no.

Love my body regardless of a number

This is taking some work. See my update about being healthy. I feel uncomfortable with my weight. I sit a lot. But I’m teaching myself to see beauty. Like in this picture.

Make My Brain Stronger

I’ve still got so many books mocking me and an exam to schedule. Sigh. But earlier today I sent a friend a text with my pile of curriculum on my side table + I’m diving in and learning some new things at work. Next week I might even dive in and ask to try to write some code because my to do list is getting way too long.

Be in THE Word

Every morning I start with a devotion then turn on some worship music. The books I’m reading (above) are helping me get closer + I’m doing a few video studies while I am in the car. THE Word has definitely helped steer my thoughts to a much better place.

Just Keep Getting Stronger

Four months of the year are done. We’ve survived A LOT already. And I just know God has great plans for what is ahead.

To end this, I’d like to thank the people checking in on me and letting me check in on them. Yesterday I posted a little bit of a personal struggle on Facebook and of course got some backlash for sharing my personal truth, but that’s okay too. If there is something I can pray about on your behalf, please let me know. Or if you’re working on any of the things above and want to reach out for accountability, I’m here, too. xoxo

20 New Things to Do This Year

This list of 20 New Things to Do This Year will hopefully give you some ideas to bring a bit of health and happiness to your 2020 and beyond.

Hello, 2020! This is not just a new year but also a new decade. What better time than now to add a few things to your life instead of the typcial resolutions to remove things! Such a positive way to look at your goals, isn’t it? This list of 20 New Things to Do This Year will hopefully give you some ideas to bring a bit of health and happiness to your 2020 and beyond.

New Things to Do This Year

New Things to do This Year

1 – Take an art class.

In 2019, I rediscovered my love for crafting (of course after I basically got rid of all my supplies at a yard sale). But with art classes popping up all over there is definitely something in your area to attend, not need a ton of supplies and a place to store them, and you don’t have to come up with the idea. Canvas painting parties are big (I happened to have one for my thirtieth birthday, a few years ahead of trend). Pinterest isn’t going anywhere but up. And new concepts like “board and brush”, planting parties, and more are all over your Facebook feed. Give one of them a try!

2 – Travel somewhere you’ve never been.

Google Maps just emailed me my annual summary of my travel and I went to 22 new cities last year. Among those were Raleigh, Nashville, and Waikoloa Village. But when I look at my 2020 calendar, the only place I am scheduled to go is my go-to Myrtle Beach. There are so many more places to discover and I’m thinking Minneapolis just might need to be added this year.

3 – Sit by a campfire.

There is something soothing about sitting outside on a cool evening with friends and family around a campfire. I grew up camping and would spend hours around a fire telling stories, starting silently at the stars, and just enjoying life.

S’mores shown are optional but oh so good for a treat! The s’mores makers are a great gift for the campers in your life!

4 – Enjoy Nature

Similar to sitting around a campfire, just being in nature has a great calming effect. Even though I seem to attract all the mosquitoes, I won’t deny the fact that a sunny afternoon in the forest is actually pretty relaxing. Better yet if you combine 2 + 3 + 4 and enjoy a day in nature somewhere you’ve never been then end the night by a campfire.

5 – Check out a live production

Where I was emotionally in September might have had something to do with it, but when Greg and I got to attend The Lion King in Pittsburgh last fall, I was all the tears. The production was that good and is something I want to be sure all of my kids get to experience some day. Any live production will do – if you’re in Pittsburgh, Cultural Trust always has amazing offerings that will pull you away from your cell phones and into real life through a play, musical, or comedy act.

6 – Tour Your Hometown Like a Tourist

There are so many things to do in my hometown of Pittsburgh that I always feel like I am taking it in like a tourist. Last May, we actually stayed downtown for a weekend. I ubered places, we took the T. We slowed down and enjoyed the architecture around us and tried a few new places to eat. It was really enjoyable to appreciate what the city had to offer even though I was working right in the heart of it every day.

7 – Play in a Sprinkler

Yes, you. Adult you. There is something fun about running through a sprinkler and remembering the carefree childhood that really wasn’t all that long ago. Bonus points if your love or bestie join you.

8 – Start the Day with Gratitude

When you start the day with even three things you are grateful for, it makes the tough moments just a little easier. There are plenty of gratitude journals set up and ready for your thoughts, but any notebook would do.

I find that I am more apt to journal if I have some fun pens to do it with! These are my favorites because you can erase and start over if you don’t like the way you wrote something!

9 – Have a “no spend” day or weekend or month

My blogging pal Skye recently took on a “no spend month” and had some positive impacts to her family’s financial life. I wish I could have that patience and determination, but with four kids and work that sometimes needs me to travel and all the other excuses, I just just haven’t tried it. Maybe a day or a weekend could help just by cutting back for a few days.

10 – Make an Emergency Kit

My aunt and uncle gift a car emergency kit like the one shown here for weddings and let me tell you it is something you’ll wish you had when you didn’t. It is super simple to grab at a big-box store or on Amazon, but you can also add to it with things like heated blankets, snacks, and a gallon of water. Throw it all in a large utility tote and tuck it away in your trunk. You never know!

11 – Turn Your Phone Off for a Day

Do I need to say more?

12 – Volunteer for a NEW Charity

I get in the “mode” where I just keep giving my time and talents to the same places and then it starts to feel like work. If you don’t volunteer already, find a place to serve. If you do volunteer, find a new one to give your time to. Your eyes will be opened to new challenges, you’ll meet new people, and you’ll step away from your comfort zone. These are good things!

13 – Go Bowling

It’s probably been awhile, but there are still some really amazing bowling alleys around. Pittsburgh, we’ve got Zone28 which is the top of my list! \

14 – Cook Dinner for a Friend

Ok, so this was a dinner I bought at Party Fowl in Nashville, but it is dinner nonetheless!

When I was recovering from surgery, two friends made sure that we had dinner. Another time, I was alone on a holiday and a friend ran a plate over from her family gathering. Each of these times were super special and meant a lot. It was great to taste another cook’s creations and to get a little spoiled. But your friend doesn’t have to be going through something for you to do something nice. Just a random “hey, I’ve got your dinner tonight” will definitely make their day.

15 – Buy a Plant or Bring Fresh Flowers Inside

Don’t they just brighten your mood?

16 – Try a New Workout

If you’re new to working out, anything new is going to be easy. If you’re already on a path of wellness, then try something new. When I started crossfit in 2016, I was scared scared scared. But it turned out I really liked it! I’ve also given spinning and yoga a try, both are on my list to get certified to teach when I’m back to my healthy-selfie.

17 – Play a Board Game

Again, I’m sure you’ve played a board game before, but try a new one. I have a few that we got for Christmas that need to be played. We’re even thinking about having some game nights because we miss nights spent as kids playing Phase 10 a whole bunch (no sarcasm)!

18 – Have Ice Cream for Dinner

Even if you’re like me and have an eating plan, you probably have some space or alternative to ice cream. Have it for dinner…or even breakfast!

19 – Go Somewhere Dressed Up

Even if it’s to a local coffeeshop or fast food place. Mama just recently got herself some heels that aren’t being worn sitting around working from home, so you best believe I’m going to just get dressed up fancy one day and go out wearing them!

20 – Start a new gig

Maybe completely starting a new job is out of the question (it would be for me unless I got news like I did in 2018), but consider starting something new on the side that will bring you joy and a little extra money this year. Blogging is obviously a suggestion from me, but I also can’t tell you enough good about having a Thirty-One business. Greg has done Uber and most recently will be giving Instacart a try. There are so many things you can do that bring in a little extra that you’re probably already doing.

What Will YOU Do This Year?

So now that you’ve read through my list of new things to do this year, which ones will make your list? What would you add to it? What goals do you have for 2020 that these support?

If you’ve found this list helpful, please share it on your favorite social media using the buttons on this post. If you’d like to keep up with this blog, be sure to like my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

2020 Word of the Year: Strength

This year, my word of the year is going to be STRENGTH. Did you hear about the year I had in 2019? It is time to get spiritually, physically, and mentally strong. I thirst for it, and God has it for me. I’m open and ready for what He has in store for this year!

My 2020 Word of the Year

Strength. I’ve used this word for a few years now in my Instagram posts – #strongnotskinny especially. I want to be have strength in so many ways though, not just when it comes to the endurance of my running (cause that’s making a comeback), but in who I am as a whole. And when I don’t hit those running goals or have setbacks like in 2019, I want to remember who is my strength, God.

Through your story
Is My fingerprint
In the valley, there is confidence
In the shadow,
I will be your strength
One things for sure,
I am your Lord

Good and Loved – by Travis Greene (ft. Steffany Gretzinger)

2020 Strength Goals

So here is what Strength as a word of the year is going to look like for me:

  1. Be strong, happy + healthy. I know that not working out and eating junk leads me down a bad path. Showing up for myself in my workout plans and sticking to eating plans that work for my body will allow me to give back to my kids and husband in ways they deserve.
  2. Stop comparing. I didn’t really think I did this, but I recently put a 30-minute time limit to my Facebook use and I’d find I was hitting it pretty early in the day. I was too busy scrolling and comparing my life to others’ lives to enjoy my own. Right now I run a 16-minute mile. WHO CARES. If I am busy scrolling Facebook for thirty minutes and seeing what other people are running today, that’s time I could’ve been out at the trail running two miles. Humph.
  3. Be comfortable financially. I want to dream big and pay off our debt, get a Suburban and put in a new bathroom, but those are all things that can take time. I want to not be so driven by money that I can’t enjoy the amazing things we already have. Financially strong.
  4. Get over my fears. Okay, not every single fear like my fear of spiders and snakes but the fears that keep me awake at night. I’m going to surrender them to God and let him take care of them.
  5. Say NO more often. I am a YES person and I need to be brave about saying no to the things that I don’t really want me (or my family) to do.
  6. Love my body regardless of a number. I stopped weighing myself. The last time I did was my post-op appointment in August and I could care less what I weigh. I want to look at this body and see it as strong. It’s birthed four amazing kiddos, ran five half marathons, and is something worth loving.
  7. Make my brain stronger. Getting three new certs in 2019 was great for work, and I’d like to get two more in 2020. I’d also like to read a book a month (thanks, Alexa for that challenge) and learn some new things.
  8. Be in the Word. I have been a daily Bible reader for a few years now, but I want to really be in it. The past six months have been such a spiritual battle, I know there is more for me if I am just open to what God has planned but I can’t get there if I don’t listen to what He has to say.

So that’s what I have set out as my STRENGTH for 2020. What have you set as your word this year?

DIY Craft | Let’s Get Cozy

** This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.** It’s official. I am back in a mood to craft! This is a really good sign, considering how the last few months have been for me. Last weekend I did some crafting with my best friend and her family/friends and was inspired by a big box print that said “Let’s Get Cozy”, but I didn’t want to spend the $$ on it and decided to make one of my own from DOLLAR TREE items!

Let’s Get Cozy

Isn’t it just adorable? Bonus, it is THREE DIMENSIONAL! Here’s what you’ll need to grab from your local Dollar Tree (or use their free ship to store option) to make your own version.

The Supplies

  • 2 6×6 photo frames
  • 1 pack of Christmas trees
  • 1 wooden pain project – I love this little car, so on the “red truck” theme!
  • 1 roll of wrapping paper (you’ll have a TON left)
  • Modge Podge (YES, they sell mini bottles!)

I did use some craft supplies I had on hand that I don’t think you can get at Dollar Tree, so you might want to check out the best places to get them (though mine is Amazon if it isn’t at DT!):

The Steps

  1. Cut the wrapping paper to the size of the glass in your frames.
  2. Adhere wrapping paper to the glass using modge podge.
  3. While you’re waiting for that to dry, paint your wooden craft.
  4. When the paint dries, hot glue or E-6000 to adhere the tree to the top of the wooden craft and then adhere craft to one frame and tree to the other (you might need to do some squishing of the trees’ backs).
  5. Paint “Let’s Get Cozy” or another themed phrase on the other frame.

Are you inspired by this craft? Go ahead down the rabbit hole that I found last weekend and ask to join the Facebook Group “Dollar Tree DIY Projects” and share your favorite crafting from DT!

What I’m Reading: October 2

Disclaimer: I received a copy of one of the books in this post from HarperCollins Leadership. All other books shown here were bought or gifted by me. When you shop through links on this page, I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you – thank you for shopping things I heart!

What I’m Reading: October 2

Maybe you found this “What I’m Reading” post on Instagram today – welcome to my blog! This will be a little repeat of what you read over on my profile, but this version includes links to add the books shown to your own library. Enjoy!

What I’m Reading…If you know me, you know I like words and that I have a goal to publish a book. But you also know I have A L O T on my plate, so inspiro thru reading is not easy to put into my day. I currently have all of these books in progress:

  1. The Bible – I LOVE this journaling Bible (currently only in LARGE PRINT on Amazon)
  2. If It Makes You Happy” – Claire Kann – This was my #bookishintheburgh Blind Date with a Book so I’m diving into it. Trying to keep up with what the kids will be reading!
  3. It Wasn’t Supposed to be This Way” – Lysa TerKeurst – She and I just might be connected, just sayin’ (have you read my post about finding therapists?!?) AND BY THE WAY — who would be interested in doing a STUDY of this with me?
  4. Praying Circles Around Your Marriage” @prayingmarriage (because see 3)
  5. Dare to Lead” – Brene Brown – yes.
  6. Stories That Stick” – Kindra Hall is AMAZING yinz. I’ve met her and am so inspired. She’s changing how I’m using my words here, on the blog, in work, and with the family.

So share! What are YOU reading this week?

Disney’s THE LION KING: PNC Broadway in Pittsburgh

Disclaimer: In exchange for sharing details about theupcoming Disney’s THE LION KING Performance coming to Pittsburgh through Disney Theatrical Productions and Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, I received tickets to attend and review the show. All opinions are 100% my own.

“It means no worries…” – a song I so needed to hear on Thursday night. The past few months have not been normal and to be honest, taking time out of a busy week to go to a show was a little crippling for me. But hearing that song during Disney’s THE LION KING musical in Pittsburgh was absolute perfect timing.

Disney’s THE LION KING: PNC Broadway in Pittsburgh

For all the details on how you can attend a performance of Disney’s THE LION KING, head over to my Pittsburgh family-focused blog, ‘lil Burghers

Let me just throw this out here right away.

Every single detail covered – even the STEPS to the stage!

When the cast opened the evening with “Circle of Life”, I cried. Like big drippy tears. Yinz, it took until the last season of “The Parenthood” and “The Office” and “How I Met Your Mother” to cry. Although I do bawl every single episode of “This is Us”. But I cried big ugly tears in my symphony level seat at Benedum Center listening to “Circle of Life”. There, I said it!

But for real, who wouldn’t? This opening number was pure magic. The sounds, the lighting, the costumes. I really can’t explain it other than I felt right there at Pride Rock and was on the edge of my seat for the rest of the night hoping I’d again get to feel the whisk of the elephant costume brushing past us or see the puppeter who brought Zazu into the theater or feel the breath of the singers (yes, four seats in I could feel their powerful voices on me). And I cried.

If you were alive in the 90s, you know the story so I’m not going into details on it, but what you do need to know is that if you know the story, the songs are in your heart and will be so loud in your head – try not to find yourself singing along if you don’t want the others in your row to hear you singing. No shame here, I definitely sang “Hakuna Matata” and even “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King” along with the cast. But what you will find is that you lean in close to hear the voices of Mufasa, Scar, Nala, and Simba as they have solos that are not part of my memory of the movie I loved as a child. This is part of the magic – I promise! 

Greg went with me and experienced his first Broadway show. He also had all the feels about the cast, dynamics, and orchestra. It was really a wonderful production and the perfect way to have a date night with my husband (though I’d totally go back with the older kids – the show is recommended for ages 8 and up).

Thank you for bringing this beloved tale to Pittsburgh, Cultural Trust!


As the world’s #1 musical, Disney’s THE LION KING comes to Pittsburgh as a presentation by the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and Broadway Across America as part of the 2019-2020 PNC Broadway in Pittsburgh Series. The production will be at the Benedum Center from September 4-29, 2019. For tickets and more information, visit



After 21 landmark years on Broadway, The Lion King continues ascendant as one of the most popular stage musicals in the world.  Since its premiere on November 13, 1997, 25 global productions have been seen by more than 100 million people.  Produced by Disney Theatrical Productions (under the direction of Thomas Schumacher), The Lion King has made theatrical history with six productions worldwide running 15 or more years.  Performed in nine different languages (English, Japanese, German, Korean, French, Dutch, Spanish, Mandarin and Portuguese), productions of The Lion King can currently be seen on Broadway; London’s West End; Hamburg; Tokyo; Madrid; Scheveningen, Holland; on tour across Japan and North America, with a separate production touring internationally, for a total of nine productions running concurrently across the globe.

Having played over 100 cities in 20 countries on every continent except Antarctica, The Lion King’s worldwide gross exceeds that of any film, Broadway show or other entertainment title in box office history.

The Lion King won six 1998 Tony Awards®:  Best Musical, Best Scenic Design (Richard Hudson), Best Costume Design (Julie Taymor), Best Lighting Design (Donald Holder), Best Choreography (Garth Fagan) and Best Direction of a Musical.  The Lion King has also earned more than 70 major arts awards including the 1998 NY Drama Critics Circle Award for Best Musical, the 1999 Grammy® for Best Musical Show Album, the 1999 Evening Standard Award for Theatrical Event of the Year and the 1999 Laurence Olivier Awards for Best Choreography and Best Costume Design.

Source: Pittsburgh Cultural Trust