Combat Allergies with Ear Drops

Note: I am not a certified medical professional and the content of this post is solely to share my personal experience with ear drops to combat allergy symptoms. Always seek professional medical advice.

This fall, every single sniffle, sneeze, ache, and pain will be judged. This is the time of year when our allergies creep up, causing symptoms that are never any fun, but most especially not now with a worldwide pandemic. You’re not alone!

Our family is over here catching the sneezes into tissues (good thing we buy in bulk), spraying the disenfectant, rubbing in extra hand sanitizer, and combatting our seasonal allergies the best way we can.

Combat Allergies with Ear Drops: What I Use

My biggest complaint during allergy season? Ear issues. As a kid, I suffered from many ear infections and that hasn’t really stopped as an adult. Dad was always pushing the sweet oil. Mom would religiously put Swimmer’s Ear in my ears after any swimming.

Today my ear issues are pressure, stuffiness, and even pain. Once I flew to Denver with a sinus infection and I couldn’t hear out of my left ear for THREE DAYS even after rounds of benedryl, mucinex, and lots of sleep. After that, I knew things had to change for my comfort during allergy season when it comes to my ears.

I am a big fan of essential oils, especially Melaluca (Tea Tree) and Balance to help with my ear issues; however, I’ve recently found some ear drops at my local big box store that take the ear pain away almost instantly. (These drops are also available for us online shoppers!)

Another method Greg and I like to use are ear candles – again, available at your local big box retailers. We’ll save that post for another day as this method to extract wax from the ears is a little dangerous but oh so good. Getting regular chiropractic adjustments can help, too!

What methods do you use to combat the impact of allergies on your ears?