Wash it Away

There are some bits of my story I wish I could just wash away, if I am being totally honest. Like losing two people I loved before they got to celebrate their 18th birthdays, only having one grandparent alive to see me walk down the aisle, and bad decisions made as a young adult. But the truth is, these are all parts of my story that make me who I am.

And right now, that who I am is someone who is struggling with balance. I’m so confused because I feel like I spend more time than ever in my bed and watching TV. I haven’t read an entire book yet this year. And the scale just keeps climbing from all my suagar addictions I’ve picked up during the pandemic. Add random virtual school days, changing my job right before the end of the 4th hardest year of my life, and not having friends and family to just HUG on the regular. Sigh.

So what do I do when life gets to be a little too much these days? I escape to our newest remodel project. Our full downstairs bath. And I wash it away, praying and praising while I soak the stresses out. It is so soothing and I’m so grateful to Greg and my brother for how they made it happen and for our plumber (Armstrong Comfort Solutions). I could spend days in here…but then nothing else would get accomplished.

What do you do to wash it all away?

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Am I a Plant Lady?

This being my 37th autumn season I find myself wanting to hold on to the life left in any plant I come across. Maybe it is all the gloom of being cooped up inside my house for over six months. Maybe I feel like I’ve kept children alive for twelve years and counting so there is a glimmer of hope that I can keep a plant alive. This has me wondering – am I a plant lady?

Why the question, wannabe plant lady?

Fall brings so much beauty in the ashes as we change seasons. I was recently over on Pinterest looking for some pretty fall bouquets and came across some beautiful options, combinations of sunflowers and my favorite lilies. I love the pops of color and the way we usher in the coming winter days with last golden moments of beauty.

Like these beauties from Englewood Plant Shed – how gorgeous are they?

Source: PlantShed

As I get older, I find myself wishing for floral deliveries at home, at least in the fall and winter. Greg and I are working on crushing our debt and don’t love spending money on flowers, but those sure have me wishing we could swing it more often.

Good thing we have a beautiful (free) garden for about 8 months of the year!

I’m NOT the Gardener.

My husband Greg is the one who from day one has managed our gardens and flower peds. Friends, I cannot keep a succulent or one of those ice orchids alive. I’m definitely not the gardener, but I do love the plants that are in our yard throughout the year.

Our yard has some of the most beautiful hydrangeas I’ve ever seen (fueled by my coffee grounds) and they bloom into late fall – as late as December some years! We have so many different mini roses and lillies, teeny tiny hyacyniths in the spring, and of course our pond plants.

But none of that is thanks to me. Greg is the one who makes it all happen and I am so grateful for his patience and care for our plants.

Inside Plants

Inside, I’ve had my share of succulents and ice orchids, never with too much luck of them living for the length of a life they should. That does not stop me from picking up the beauties when I see them. Like this beauty from the summer:

It has been suggested to me to get some air plants because they are really tough to kill. Have you tried these in your home? That just might be my next go to.

Well, I think I answered my question. I’m not a plant lady but boy do I love plants. If you are a plant lady, my pal Rachel has a super adorable shirt that you might want to pick up from her boutique here.

What suggestions do you have for me to keep plants alive in my home year round?