2020 Word of the Year: Strength (May 1st Update)

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Did you set a Word of the Year in 2020? It feels like AGES AGO that I set the word STRENGTH as my 2020 Word of the Year. In this update, I’ll share with you a few ways the year has taken strength to get to this point. Check out my original post about my word of the year, strength, here. (This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)

2020 Word of the Year – Quick Recap


Friends, I’m literally shaking at my desk as I write this post. This year has taken so much mental strength for all of us. With the introduction of COVID-19, a virus that has ripped our world, we all find ourselves in the same storm and different boats, grasping for strength.

But even before this all began, what seems to be 509 weeks ago, I set myself some goals to be strong, regardless of what came my way. I was just finishing out the toughest year of my life and felt like 2020 HAD to be the year I’d rise up from ashes and see a victory.

Not all hope is lost, but things haven’t totally gone as planned, either.

2020 Strength Goals – May 1st Update

Here is what I hoped that having STRENGTH as a word of the year is going to look like for me:

  1. Be strong, happy + healthy.
  2. Stop comparing.
  3. Be comfortable financially.
  4. Get over my fears.
  5. Say NO more often.
  6. Love my body regardless of a number.
  7. Make my brain stronger.
  8. Be in the Word.

And now to break it down…

Be Strong, Happy + Healthy

It takes a lot to solo run a virtual half marathon, but I can say I at the least I accomplished that. I don’t know how healthy I feel, I’ve still been making some bad food choices. For most of January I was good and stayed Keto, did some Intermittent Fasting even.

When I make poor food choices, I’m not happy. Carbs and I don’t really get along – they please for a moment then I crash into a bad mood. The last few days I set out to drink all my water (and set a goal to make some extra cash to buy myself this waterbottle that glows when it is time to drink up) and move more. Do you ever find that even small adjustments to the “routine” make you feel so much better?

How about that HAPPY part though? Mentally, I’ve been through a lot adjacent to me this year. Trying to remove the personal from the bigger things I’ve been part of is tough, but I am hanging in there.

Stop Comparing

This has been a struggle. At first I started to be proactive about this by having a pop-up show me when I’d been on Facebook for 30 minutes. Today I deleted the app from my phone. It is just so easy to compare, especially when you have time to sit and stir.

But I’ve been reading “You Are the Girl For the Job” by Jess Connolly and she’s been dropping some truth bombs about tribes and squads. Things I needed to hear. A challenge, even:

Will we choose people who provide safety and worldly comfort OR will we find the people who help us see the kingdom of Heaven come to earth?

Jess Connolly, “You Are The Girl For the Job” study

Deep, right? And I’m listening.

Be Comfortable Financially

This one is tough for me to share, but God has not only taken care of our needs in this stressful time but He has blessed us, too. Greg and I both deliver groceries for Instacart when we’re not working our regular jobs. We’ve been able to knock two credit card debts out and get some home repairs done. We are thankful.

Get Over My Fears

I’m working on this. Some of the things that happened in 2019 still keep me up at night, but way less than they had been. Again, I am thankful.

Say NO More Often

Well, this was sort of forced with quarantine, but now that my evenings are “my own” for the most part, I do find some freedom in saying no.

Love my body regardless of a number

This is taking some work. See my update about being healthy. I feel uncomfortable with my weight. I sit a lot. But I’m teaching myself to see beauty. Like in this picture.

Make My Brain Stronger

I’ve still got so many books mocking me and an exam to schedule. Sigh. But earlier today I sent a friend a text with my pile of curriculum on my side table + I’m diving in and learning some new things at work. Next week I might even dive in and ask to try to write some code because my to do list is getting way too long.

Be in THE Word

Every morning I start with a devotion then turn on some worship music. The books I’m reading (above) are helping me get closer + I’m doing a few video studies while I am in the car. THE Word has definitely helped steer my thoughts to a much better place.

Just Keep Getting Stronger

Four months of the year are done. We’ve survived A LOT already. And I just know God has great plans for what is ahead.

To end this, I’d like to thank the people checking in on me and letting me check in on them. Yesterday I posted a little bit of a personal struggle on Facebook and of course got some backlash for sharing my personal truth, but that’s okay too. If there is something I can pray about on your behalf, please let me know. Or if you’re working on any of the things above and want to reach out for accountability, I’m here, too. xoxo

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