Training Tuesday: Pittsburgh Marathon Half Week 8

The post below is part of a series of posts about the DICK’S Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon weekend of events for which I have been selected to be a 2019 Pittsburgh Marathon official blogger. I’ve received my race registration fee in exchange for promotion of the event. All opinions are 100% my own.  This post also contains affiliate links. 

While most of you are just about ready to taper, I have yet to get my running game into the double digits…but YOU CAN’T STOP ME because I see you, May 5! My fifth half marathon promises to be memorable, that’s one thing I know for certain.

Training Update

Most of my week was spent getting used to a new rhythm – working in downtown Pittsburgh (right on Liberty Avenue, overlooking the starting line) four days a week. I am trying to shove in 9 hour days plus a 2-3 hour commute (in total) and all the kids’ activities in the evening. This is the year I really needed to focus on my family and not my running, and yet I am still finding ways to get in my steps, do my PT exercises, and keep moving barriers.

Friday 4/5: 2 miles, 13:04/mile – I really wanted to go further on this one, but we had our 2nd measurement for our new windows happening on Friday and it took a little longer than I expected. There was no photo because I jumped in the van, headed to the chiro (YAY!) to get my knee taped, then plopped into my hair stylist’s chair for a much needed update.

A reminder…”The Lord will fight for you. Be still.” Exodus 14:14

Saturday 4/5: 7.51 miles, 14:02/mile – After sitting at Evan’s soccer game and feeling the temps rising, I needed time on the trail. Unfortunately, on Friday when I was getting adjusted, scraped and taped, Dr. Katey and I did not like the looks of my knee. Not only the inside (MCL) but the outside (ACL) were swollen and reacted. The Deep Blue instantly did its thing and I needed to add more when I got home to ice. She suggested I slow this one down big time with a 5 minute walk/3 minute run progression.

I did and between the heat and the pain, I was exhausted by mile 5. But I wanted to push and I wanted to get a bridge run in + get an iced coffee so I decided to not only go 0.5 miles further than goal but to run the whole last mile. All in all, in the 1 hour 45 minutes I was “running”, I actually walked almost an hour of that – so pulling off a 14:02 was pretty exciting!

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I just saw a fellow run/walk superstar post a photo of her run today. She was wearing a piece from @momentumjewelry that read "My Pace. My Peace." Truth be told, my pace today was 14:02 for this 7.51 mile burner and I am sitting here stretching and feeling gross. Unworthy. So not peaceful. But the real truth is that it took *a lot* to get up and go today and I need to be proud of that and have that peace about my pace. I'm so behind in training. My ACL is also starting to bother me. My left hip is MAD for all the compensating it has done. My brain wants to QUIT but my heart is so ready to MOVE BARRIERS and see that @pghmarathon Half finish line. As a Official Blogger for #MOVEPittsburgh @p3revents, I feel like I should be better. But you're all still cheering me on and giving me strength. Praying and learning to lean more on God every day. #strongnotskinny #kneepain #rocktape #runpgh

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And speaking of exiting, I have a few more runs to get in before I can feel “ready” to do this thing on May 5. How about you?

How are the miles stacking up?

January 2019: 6 runs, 11.57 miles, 12’19″/mile

February 2019: 7 runs, 12.67 miles, 12’38″/mile

March 2019: 10 runs, 24.32 miles, 13’36″/mile

April 2019: 3 runs, 14.11 miles, 13’36″/mile

PSST! If you’ve read this far and are ready to sign up for the Marathon or Half, make sure you do and let them know I sent you by using WILLISDSGPM19 as your code when you sign up. You’ll save $10 when you do! Register here .


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