Mother’s Day Flower Pots

The kids planted these flowers for me at church. As much as I wanted to preserve the *perfect* cleanliness of our rental vehicle, it is much like our lives- you can’t keep everything clean. Life is messy and looks different for each of us, just as these pots show.

Like some of you, I am a mother. Unlike some of you, I didn’t have a strong desire to become a mama and became one when I didn’t plan/wasn’t ready/wasn’t on my terms. But it was in God’s timing and His perfect (even if I still struggle with the circumstances) way. I didn’t have that wondering, that wanting to fill an empty womb that you might be facing. And while I can’t change that or change your situation, I can give you hope that God is in the waiting and stillness. He is ready to bless on His timing.
Or maybe your hands and heart are overflowing with an overwhelming abundance of little sticky hands and sassy attitudes like I have and you feel lost and alone and unsure when your YOU will resurface but you’re not wishing the days away. The moments are long but the years are fast. Your flowers might be strewn all over the world around you – maybe that chaos makes you happy or maybe it makes you desire a box to contain the mess. Maybe you love every single moment – even the ones when your four year old screams “I’m going to turn you to blood” and wish time would stand still. God sees you and knows your heart and I promise even those crazy moments have a purpose for greatness.
Whatever your life might look like at this very moment, on this holiday or any other day of the year, I want to encourage you that God loves you and sees you as His – dirt on the floor or blooming flowers. We can’t expect to keep everything clean and perfect or for someone to provide the box to fit all these things of life in. What we can expect is His love, mercy, and presence on the good days and the bad. Isn’t that beautiful?

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