Marathon Monday: Week 8 of 16

Halfway Point. 7.86 weeks to go. 78.74 miles completed. Average pace, 12’19” per mile. Anyone else love their Nike+ Run Club motivating voice? I used to get so mad hearing it, but am embracing her very much these days. Read on to hear about my Half Marathon Training, Week 8! // Blog posts on this site may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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Marathon Monday: Week 8 of 16 (Half Marathon Training)

Monday 3/5: 4.01 miles, 12’17” – I keep trying to push myself to do more hills and this route got me lost a little, but I found a good challenging (for me) route that’s a 4-mile loop near the office. This one took me 31st Street Bridge, across and along 28, then around the Heinz plant back to 16th Street Bridge. Frankly, I loved it. I also overdressed for the abundant sunshine we had.

This run leads me to a question – hopefully someone can comment with an answer! What do you do for hydration on long runs? Is it time for me to invest in a backpack like this backpack or find a way to love the hydration belt (similar to this one) I bought in 2013 – would it even still work?

Tuesday 3/6 – Tempo Run 2.88 miles, 12’09” -This day. Since 2000, March 6 is always the hardest day of my year. I lost my best friend 18 years ago to cancer. We were sixteen. I needed to run and was so glad to see that it wasn’t speed work, but a run. I cried a bit on this one because my Wendy was a runner and I wish we were doing this thing together. This run was for her.

This tempo was 10 minutes slow, 15 minutes fast, 10 minutes slow. I am not even sure I did that, I just pushed.

I was so glad that Tuesday evening brought 8 ladies from my church into my home for a study on the Sabbath and finding rest in this crazy world. It got me thinking about what I’m enslaved to – perhaps my pace goal – and I am yearning for our next sessions!

Wednesday 3/7: 2.5 miles 12’17”– I took it easy on myself this run – three runs in a row and I was feeling it. It was a little colder than it had been the two days before, and I dressed the same. Oops.

Thursday 3/8: CrossFit – Fourth day in a row of working out and I wanted to give up. We’d had a long week, Greg and I barely saw each other, he was driving in snow, I had a stressful commute one day, and it just seemed like I had too much on my to do list to work out. He put the carseats in the car and told me I better go, so glad I listened. I tackled that to do list after the WOD, even though I felt like crud doing it.  It was my official “I’ve been cleared to Crossfit” WOD, after all!!!

Strength: 10 Rounds of 10 Floor Press (bella bar, 35#) and 8 Kettlebell Row (20#) – I accomplished 8

WOD: EMOM x30 –

  • 150 m run
  • 12 DB Snatch (12# right, 30# left)
  • 10 cal row (I opted to run 10 cal at 7’30” instead)
  • 15 wallballs (this hurt so I did air squats)
  • 10 box jump overs (I’m still stepping up)
  • 8 overhead squats (bella bar, 35#)

Proof I did it was sent to Greg:

Saturday 3/10: 5.01 miles, 12’20” – I was done with the week and didn’t run until 12:30, usually I’m out there early on a Saturday. My thighs hurt. My stomach hurt (can we talk breakfast? What do other Keto runners do for breakfast before runs? HELP!). I did it anyways, and I told myself not to push for my goal race pace (12’12”). I also ran through some mud and didn’t give up.

Miles 1 and 2 were pretty much the same (with the mud), slow. I dropped 20 seconds off for mile three then had to slow ‘er down for Mile 4 as I climbed a small hill in town. Mile five was straight back home and flat – I took advantage and had a 44 second split from four and pulled an 11’46” mile! No dumping on myself, this was pretty incredible.

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March totals: 20.69 miles, 12’10” pace
February totals: 38.41 miles, 12’06” pace
January totals: 20.63 miles, 12’40” pace

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