Marathon Monday: Week 6 of 16

It’s official, I am only half crazy. Even with an incentive to switch to the full for free, I know this is not my year. I’m definitely on track for a redemption run this May at the Half and can’t be more excited. Read on to hear about my Half Marathon Training, Week 6! // This post may contain affiliate links.

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Marathon Monday: Week 6 of 16 (Half Marathon Training)

This was another week of weather-what-the. From almost 76 on Tuesday to a chilly 45 and rain on Saturday, I can only thank my prayers and my oils that I didn’t get sick!

Monday 2/19: CrossFit at the YMCA – When you look out the window and it is pouring down rain but the next day promises sunshine and 70, you postpone your run and get some time in with your FitFam. I was glad to be “at the box” instead of outside running, even if I had to scale this WOD like mad. I was happy to spot during the bench and realize that this time off above-the-head lifting has helped my squat get to where it should be. My face might look funny in this picture, but someday I’ll look back and be so proud that I burnt all those calories.

Tuesday 2/20: 3.5 Miles (12’29”) – This one hurt. I told my co-workers they were fast and that there was no way I could keep up with them, but I started out with them anyways. By the time we rounded the corner from Railroad, I knew I’d need to slow ‘er down. Keeping the marketing ladies in my sight, we headed down to the trail toward the Point. Even with climbing a hill to avoid flood mud, I put in a fast first mile at just under 11 minutes. Things had to change there, and they did pretty fast.

The rest of the group made a light change at the Convention Center and I had to wait. I decided not to run toward a bridge but to take some time out of the hot sun and run under the Convention Center and back to Liberty then 16th Street Bridge. The picture below is from my way back across it when I had to come to a complete stop and catch my breath. I thought it was the heat and the fact that I didn’t get my 100 ounces of water on Sunday catching up with me and walked most of the way back to the office, still logging a 12’29” average for the whole 3.5 miles (eep, I was moving early on!). Turns out…I popped a rib out! Thank goodness it was chiro day, too.

Wednesday 2/21: Aqua Arthritis– I was dang sore and knew it, so I found a pool class at the Y and “dove in”. Although it was geared toward those with arthritis, it was exactly what my muscles needed. And mentally, too…I took it in a swimsuit I hadn’t worn in years.


Thursday 2/22: 2 miles (12’14”) – This one was cold and rain clouds were ominous. I somehow beat the rain, but forgot my socks and had my “old” shoes so my new ones didn’t get wet. My feet didn’t love me (or the puddles) but I did it!

Saturday 2/24: 4.5miles (12′ 26″) – It might have been 20 seconds a mile slower than last week’s 4.5, but this one felt so good. I saw another “runner of Instagram” post about having your long run not have to be at race pace, so I listened. And for the first 2.5 miles, I listened to the rain too. It was pouring and I was out there, getting work done. The rain let up for about 1.5 miles before starting back up at the end, but I was so happy to log these miles. If it rains on race day, I’ll be out there!

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February totals: 34.16 miles, 12’10” pace
January totals: 20.63 miles, 12’40” pace

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